& she never wants to come back down...
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this is the girl, who thinks she's a mistake .. maybe she is, myabe not. on the 29th november she get one year older. she loves music && playing on her guitar. she loves reading && drawing. she got brown hair but she paints it darker && her eyes are brown too. she's not perfect, especially in school. she hopes to pass this year, without repeating it .. she know, she could be better but shes one of those quite students, so .. what to do?? she hates talking to much. sometimes she's able to be sad without a reason. some peple call her emo, but she's not .. she's able to laught too .. for example after drinking. she's not going over the top!! she still knows, that it makes her smile .. without faking it .. she's acting in a theater group && she loves painting pictures, work on photographie. she lives in her own world. sometimes not even she knows the rules ... she don't know what to begin in her life. her hole future is just a black hole .. nothing certain .. she' always cold

with creating this blog, she left this one
she also got a space here
&& she' also member here .. she'll add friends
to be continued ..


she makes herself worry about the future too often. she wants to make everybody being happy. she doesn't think she's strong while others think, she would collect hearts u.u

she wants to forget bout the world && go under in her music, get lost in sad stories from her books. she plays theater for being someone else u.u .. she loves taking pictures, capture moments that'll never fade away .. <3


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