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sad times

there are many sad times in your life. there're so many reasons for getting hurt .. people die, unreturned love, losing friends, bad destinies .. whatever && it makes you cry ..

but sometimes it dosen't need a reason for being sad. sometimes i don't need a reason. i'm able to be chaptfallen .. sometimes you wake up && just hope to pass the day. sometimes you don't see a reason for everything you do. you only long for go to bed again .. && never wake up .. but you will && you don't wanna talk to anybody. you don't wanna speak && you don't wanna laught .. inside you, something holding back, something' pulling your hear to the bottom .. nobody trust you, if you say everything's alright ..

but this feeling will change .. something && it just could be a small happening, makes you smile again. && this smile realy reaches your eyes, you smile with truly joy .. && be happy for some days again ..

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