& she never wants to come back down...
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i'm sorry

what's that?? from everywere come accusations. i'm sick of it &&
i'm sorry.
i'm sorry for not give you what you want.
i'm sorry for not being perfect.
i'm sorry for living in my own world.
i'm sorry for being me.
but when i compare those two worlds, i prefere my own. sure it's small && more illusion than anything else, but accostom to it: i'm a dreamer .. && i'm sorry for it ..

i'm sorry for bothering you.
i'm sorry for standing in your way all the time.
i'm sorry for wasting your time.
i'm sorry for all the truth && all lies.

sometimes i just wanna get out of this 'cause there's noone i can please. i wanna try to suit everybody, but it all ends in tears && self-doubt

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